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Rachel Boeving Founder & CEO

In a society where we are constantly running a million miles an hour, it's nearly impossible to prioritize our own health.  On top of that, our health system has made it extremely difficult to get the support we need, when we need it.  Ironically, 75-90% of visits to the doctor are stress related --  no kidding.  We want to help fix that!  

The Poppy and the Olive Branch, LLC provides lifestyle support for individuals who are facing health conditions, or those who are just trying to find balance in their lives.  And who says providing these things can't be glamorous?!  We are all about providing high quality, organic, therapeutic, and frankly beautiful products and services that will help you attain the long lost balance we all wish we had.  Poppy and the Olive Branch offers Care Packages that have been developed to specifically target health conditions.  

Each Care Package is uniquely designed with products that work together to help you -- not only do we provide the products, but we also provide a proprietary Guide that educates you on what is contained within your Care Package, why we included it, how to use it, and how it works.  We've done the research for you and make it easy for you to optimize the products to their fullest extent.  

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So what, for example, is included in these Care Packages?  

- Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Therapy.  The essential oils used have been specifically blended to help support and treat the conditions you are facing.  Essential Oils come in a variety of applications, including topical applicators, linen sprays/pillow sprays, salves and lotions.  Our essential oils are uniquely blended to help treat each condition based on extensive research, and education as a Certified Herbalist.  Unlike many brands out there today, we do not cut our essential oils with fillers or dilutions.  Poppy and the Olive Branch oils are as pure as they get -- organic, sustainably sourced, fair trade; no dyes, parabens, or any other kind of yucky things. 

- Durables. Product durables selected to help you heal.  For example, the Infertility Care Package contains a Castor Oil Applicator that has been designed by Poppy and Olive. Our Therabead Heat Pad is included for optimal heat therapy and works in tandem with the Castor Oil Application, bringing moist heat that penetrating deep into the body.  Using this combined approach brings blood flow to the reproductive organs, stimulating cell growth and a healthy environment for fertility.  In addition, the Infertility Care Package contains a self fertility massage DVD that not only educates individuals on fertility health, but it also contains physical endorsed physical therapy techniques designed to stimulate healthy egg development.  

- Supplements.  We have partnered with reputable, highly endorsed and accredited partners, to provide Supplements for some of our Care Packages.  Using the Infertility Care Package as an example again, this Care Package includes the only fertility-specific DHEA supplement on the market, designed to improve pregnancy chances for women with low ovarian reserve.  This is the only Supplement that is backed by the Center for Human Reproduction (CHR).  

- Education.  Our proprietary Guides have been developed to help you optimize your purchase and make sure you get the most out of our products.  With Poppy and Olive, you receive not only the tangible tools, but also the "know how".  Every guide tells you: What it is? How does it work? How do I use it? Where applicable, we also arm you with books, research articles, CDs/DVDs.  For example, our Anxiety & Depression Care Package comes with a Relaxation CD to help you cope during challenging times.

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